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Number 1 Energy Drink 330mL (Box/24 Bottles)

$35 $30 -14%
Product of: Vietnam
Brand: Number 1
Size: 24 bottles x 330mL


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Number 1 Energy Drink

Number 1 energy drink with a combination of Taurine, Vitamin B3, , Inositol and Caffeine which helps users quickly recharge energy while maintaining alertness to conquer all challenges.

Vitamin B3: Helps release energy, metabolizes protein and fat to create energy for the body, while enhancing blood circulation and reducing cholesterol.
Taurine: is an amino acid that helps absorb vitamins well, regulates blood cholesterol and helps reduce anxiety and memory problems.
Caffeine: Helps increase alertness, reduce fatigue.
Inositol: Reduce physical weakness and mental disorders, lower blood cholesterol, regulate oestrogen levels.

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